So this post is about second trimester, continuing from here. I want to say it started from the tail end of March 2015 to beginning June 2015.

The beauty of second trimester was that I started to feel like myself again, regardless of the weight gain. I put on makeup everyday to make myself feel like a pretty and confident preggo. I started to wear perfume again as the smell didn’t make me gag. I wanted to spoil myself as I know my pregnancy is considered high risk and babies can come out anytime and I would not have time for these things for a while after: I began to get my hair done, go for facials,  get eyelash extensions (because I couldn’t continue with latisse while pregs) and got manicures and pedicures. I usually do those things myself (except for hair) but I figured I was preggo, might as well have someone do these for me. Pedicures was a must! Not only would it make my toes pretty, but the foot massages that came with it was heavenly. Even at the point where I couldn’t bend over and reach my toes, foot massages were a godsend.

It felt really amazing to get some energy back. I felt less moody than usual. I think the majority of it had to do with the weather and the rising temperatures. As soon as I got my energy back, I went back to the gym. I took an 8 week break just to rest, especially from the moment we found out we were expecting two. I did not want to compromise anything when it came to being pregnant. However as soon as I felt ready to go back to the gym, I gathered my gear and anticipated every muay thai and crossfit class I was able to attend. My doctor even cleared it. I mean, I’ll be carrying two, I need to be able to lift them once I start gaining crazy weight in the belly, and even once they’re born! I needed stronger legs too, so squats, lunges and deadlifts were key for me. But I had to do everything in moderation and adjusted. So no beating personal bests while preggos, especially with shortened breaths!

Another great thing about second trimester was that I got my appetite back. I was able to eat the clean and healthier foods than in first trimester. Those no longer made me nauseated. I did give into my cravings, but only a few bites. So if I had chips, I would have like 3 pieces, and if it was ice cream, a kids size would do. My stomach would eventually be the size of a marble near the end, so I did not want to stuff myself and feel like crap.

I also had a coffee or lactose free green tea latte everyday and it did not affect me or the boys. It was dollar drink days at McDonald’s during the summer, so how can I not turn down $1 iced coffees!? The funny thing I noticed was that I would also have chocolate milk every day. My stomach usually does not agree with cow’s milk, however it agreed with my stomach during pregnancy. Right after having the boys, drinking milk started making me feel gross again. Ah well!

I did start to “show” faster. I was ready for it too and accepted it. G and I decided to hold out sharing our news public until I was nearly 5 months. By then, I already have gained about 15lbs and did have quite the bump already.

I was considered a high risk pregnancy, so it was reassuring to see my doctor and OB every week interchangeably. I was nervous at every appointment, fretting if the babies are growing and any concerns that go along with growth. The bloodwork every time felt like nothing to me anymore. I turned down the expensive additional tests to confirm if there were any risks for down syndrome, as it didn’t matter to me whether the babies would have it or not. All that mattered was if they were growing and there are any heartbeats. I loved hearing the heartbeats and seeing the ultrasounds.  I also did that glucose test that every preggo dreads. You know, the one with the orange drink. It wasn’t too bad. Tastes like that old school McDonald’s drink that they had back in the day. Suffice to say, I’m glad I passed the test the first time so luckily no gestational diabetes for me.


I did have some pain in typical areas: below the belly, lower back, leg and foot cramps. Sitting in one spot for a while started hurting, so I had to keep moving. In my car, I would have this back massager thing that I would put on my lower back and just rub against it while I was sitting in traffic. I also had sciatica pain, but it was manageable. I googled non-medicinal remedies to treat the aches, and luckily I came across a pin showing a pregnant woman using kinesiology tapes or KT tapes. The brand I used was Rock Tape. This helped tremendously with any leg cramps, belly pains, back issues, etc. You can put it all over your body if you must! I’ll do more detailed review later on how I managed pregnancy aches. But even then, the physical pains were a breeze compared to nausea.


G and I also went on a fun road trip to Boston. Since my appetite was back, I craved seafoods (cooked of course!) and chowda!. Road travel while preggo was another story. But it was nice to go as a “family” and watch our first Jays game at Fenway Park. And damn I’ll never forget about that game.

The fun part too was that during the later part of second trimester, I started to feel them move. It felt like aliens haha! Elbows, knees poking out. It felt as if they were kickboxing each other in there. Lord knows what I was in for later on.

Til Next Post!