“Morning” sickness…whatever that means…So this post is practically an “aside” of my previous post here.

The feature photo in this post was me in February 2015, about 7 weeks into my pregnancy, taken right before I had an unnecessary cry it out session with myself at my desk haha. It was a stressful day at work too, mix in the nausea and hormones!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor health professional. What I am about to share is what worked for me, and may not necessarily work for everyone else. I did everything to ensure my pregnancy was safe. My doctor also gave me the go-ahead to any substitutes I inquired about. You may also find me saying “nausea” enough times too!

To the point, preggo symptoms sucked! I felt most, if not all, of it! When nausea hit, I swore I would rather endure the physical pain from pregnancy than the nausea…and yes I still stand by my statement. If I had to take drugs, it’ll be to just treat the nausea. I’ll talk more about how I managed the physical pains at a later date…anyway…

A bit of a back story:

Right now I’m 32. When I was 25, my digestive system decided to work against me. If you knew me in my teens until after graduating from university, I could throw back those drinks, beers and shots like you wouldn’t believe, eat anything without feeling like crap, and smoked every now and then (but have stopped cold turkey at 26. yay.) I also went to the gym, but didn’t really put any effort, so no real results.

Suddenly, my body paid for it. I would feel nauseated, get food poisoning/stomach bugs, get crazy heartburn / acid reflux after eating something…only to realize after months of trying to find treatments (first Tums, then Zantac, and finally Prevacid!) I have an acid issue. It felt like I was having ongoing motion sickness. So since then, on top of taking Prevacid treatment every few months, I ate smaller and sensible meals, ate clean, drank more water, scheduled more sleep, and managed stress better. I still treated myself to fatty and sugary foods once in a while, but for the most part, I turned to foods that made me feel better and more energized. I started taking up Muay Thai to help me manage stress and my cardio, and that helped a lot. So I can pretty much say, without realizing, that I was practically preparing my body as if it were pregnant, years in advance!

Back to how I managed my morning sickness…

  1. Prenatal Vitamin Cocktail. I did not take Prenatal Vitamins. Those made me feel like shit because the iron content was pretty high, and it was so many vitamins and minerals at one time, which contributed to the even shittier feeling. What worked for me was to take supplements separately:
    • Folic Acid pill with breakfast
    • Vitamin C any time of day
    • Calcium and vitamin D supplement any time of day.
    • Gummy multivitamin at night because why not?
    • Iron supplement with orange juice at night to absorb it. I had to take this because I’m anemic
  2. Diclectin. Yes I cheated when it came to trying to find natural ways to avoid nausea, but I had to. It made me tired, but it was a relief. I had to take this toward the end of pregnancy. I tried to stop at 5 months and supplement with a B6 vitamin, but somehow the nausea came back after 2 days, so I kept taking Diclectin until the end. Also if I took the maximum per day and still felt like crap, I popped in a Gravol to top it off. Worked like a charm.
  3. GinGins Candies. To sometime settle my stomach or for soothing my throat if it was dry.
  4. Ginger Tea. Same reason as number 3
  5. Zantac. Because I couldn’t take Prevacid during pregnancy. Helped with the bouts of heartburn.
  6. Peppermint Oil. THIS. IS. MY. GOLD. JAM. On top of all the drugs and supplements, this has helped me battle nausea, headaches and pain areas (and still does today!). I would put drops on my wrists, behind my ears, on my temples, tip of my nose and on my chest. Everytime I would inhale it, it would give me a nice hit of “wake the fuck up.” If I felt pain, I would apply a few drops to those areas. GOLD!
  7. Eucalyptus Oil. I would put a few drops in the shower and let the hot water diffuse it. Made me feel better and the bathroom smell beautifully. img_20160928_205251
  8. Even smaller meals/snacks. I would take 2 bites of anything. My stomach was shrinking to make room for the bebes. I had to adapt, even if it meant that it’ll take me forever to finish an appetizer. I always have snacks on hand. Either I carry a big purse or multiple bags.
  9. Ice lemon water. Even in the winter.
  10. Ice packs. I would put these on my back to cool me down. Morning sickness also felt like I was having a constant fever.
  11. Yoga poses: Cobra, Cat, Child poses.

Believe it or not, I never yakked throughout pregnancy. I did everything in my power to avoid it, as I never feel better whenever I rarely do, and it worked haha! Anyway, that was pretty much it. I don’t think I left anything out. Til next post 🙂