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What’s In A Name?

Why Rockefeller Jett and Axl Javier? G and I always knew we wanted to give strong names to our kids. We didn't have a laundry list of potential names, but we knew we wanted it to stand out. When we... Continue Reading →

On Your 3rd Birthday…

To my sons on your 3rd birthdays... The first moments I learned about your heartbeats within me, I felt both very blessed and protective. I will never forget the moment I found out that you chose me as your mother.... Continue Reading →

Our Experience While Having The Boys In Daycare – One Year In

I've briefly mentioned in a previous post about the boys child care situation when G and I decided for us both to go back to work. We had a nanny part-time when the boys were 14 months to 23 months. Thereafter, we... Continue Reading →

“Wow you have 2 kids already…so I guess you guys are done now”…”Oh 2 boys! You must try for a girl”…

Almost 3 years into parenthood, G and I have been asked time and time again if we would plan to expand our family. Before kids, we thought having a pack of them would be nice, that is, having 4 kids. ... Continue Reading →

Catching Up: Work-Life, Life-Life, Whatever Whatever

Hi there. I'm around and I'm alive. And it's already near the midpoint of 2018. I'm so so sorry it has been a while since I've posted and evidently, I'm full of the general bullshit excuses: too busy, no time, too... Continue Reading →

We got married twice – why we had two weddings together (Do I make this a wedding series post?)

I know this post is rather unrelated to what I have been blogging about, however I felt that it would be nice to share a post about our weddings. Thanks to our lovely nanny, whom we totally miss, I've had... Continue Reading →

We got married twice (Pictures Post)

Here's a photo post of our weddings. This post is an extension of our original post about why we got married twice. It's a heavy post so grab your snacks and hot drinks while letting it load 🙂 05 September... Continue Reading →

Finally a quick update…

My gosh it has been quite a while since I have last posted! I apologize so much for the lack of content lately. It has been a crazy summer and transition to fall. With that being said, given the lack... Continue Reading →

Air Travel With Twin Infants

The boys are now 21 months old and as of now, they have traveled twice by airplane: to Miami at 6 months, and to Los Angeles at 10 months. I will be talking mostly about our travel to Miami.  This... Continue Reading →

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