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Tales of a twin mom…trying to make it through the day

On Your 3rd Birthday…

To my sons on your 3rd birthdays... The first moments I learned about your heartbeats within me, I felt both very blessed and protective. I will never forget the moment I found out that you chose me as your mother.... Continue Reading →

Our Experience While Having The Boys In Daycare – One Year In

I've briefly mentioned in a previous post about the boys child care situation when G and I decided for us both to go back to work. We had a nanny part-time when the boys were 14 months to 23 months. Thereafter, we... Continue Reading →

“Wow you have 2 kids already…so I guess you guys are done now”…”Oh 2 boys! You must try for a girl”…

Almost 3 years into parenthood, G and I have been asked time and time again if we would plan to expand our family. Before kids, we thought having a pack of them would be nice, that is, having 4 kids. ... Continue Reading →

Catching Up: Work-Life, Life-Life, Whatever Whatever

Hi there. I'm around and I'm alive. And it's already near the midpoint of 2018. I'm so so sorry it has been a while since I've posted and evidently, I'm full of the general bullshit excuses: too busy, no time, too... Continue Reading →

We got married twice – why we had two weddings together (Do I make this a wedding series post?)

I know this post is rather unrelated to what I have been blogging about, however I felt that it would be nice to share a post about our weddings. Thanks to our lovely nanny, whom we totally miss, I've had... Continue Reading →

We got married twice (Pictures Post)

Here's a photo post of our weddings. This post is an extension of our original post about why we got married twice. It's a heavy post so grab your snacks and hot drinks while letting it load 🙂 05 September... Continue Reading →

Finally a quick update…

My gosh it has been quite a while since I have last posted! I apologize so much for the lack of content lately. It has been a crazy summer and transition to fall. With that being said, given the lack... Continue Reading →

Air Travel With Twin Infants

The boys are now 21 months old and as of now, they have traveled twice by airplane: to Miami at 6 months, and to Los Angeles at 10 months. I will be talking mostly about our travel to Miami.  This... Continue Reading →

Twin Travel: Miami Highlights (Photo Post)

Just a quick pictures post of our very first family trip, in no particular order. We traveled to Miami February 22 to 26, 2016. Flew from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale, then drove our rental from FLL to South Beach. We... Continue Reading →

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