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Our Hospital Stay

I remember the weeks leading to delivery day, a number of people have asked if I was "ready", if I was prepared for what's to come, etc...If you recall from my previous posts, I tried my best to arm myself with... Continue Reading →

That time of the year…

I made it to my 10th post! Yayy!!! I know I've finished my Pregnancy Series of blogs, but I do plan to have newer content coming up in this blogspace. Just wanted to update everyone that I'll be doing my... Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Series 5 of 5: Delivery Day!

August 26/27, 2015 has arrived. This is going to be another of my usual long posts. What was supposed to be a day of relaxation at a spa with a fellow preggo friend, turned into the day los bebes wanted... Continue Reading →

Sidetrack: How I managed pregnancy pains and other uncomfortable moments

If you recall from a previous post, I've sworn to myself early in my pregnancy (like 4 weeks in, ha!) that I would rather endure the physical pains than the nausea. Well the moment arrived quickly and the physical pains started... Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Series 4 of 5: Almost there!

Oh yes, third trimester... I want to say this happened some time near end of June 2015 until my delivery last week of August 2015 (26 weeks to 35 weeks). It felt very fast and thankfully, the last trimester did not... Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Series 3 of 5: “Family Moon” Road Trip while 24 weeks preggo and when everything started to feel “real”

If you know me, you know I can't pass up a trip, even if it's kind of local and only a for a few days. Don't get me wrong, I love where I live, but sometimes I do need a... Continue Reading →

Sidetrack: The day we found out there were two in there…

So this post pretty much sums up on how G and I found out about the twins. It's a long story, so grab your hot drinks and snacks! I will never forget that day as it will always be etched in my brain...... Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Series 2 of 5: The Beauty of Second Trimester

So this post is about second trimester, continuing from here. I want to say it started from the tail end of March 2015 to beginning June 2015. The beauty of second trimester was that I started to feel like myself again,... Continue Reading →

How I managed my “morning” sickness and other somewhat relevant stuff

"Morning" sickness...whatever that means...(Click to find out more)

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