As soon as we were near done getting our place ready for the babies, we knew we would have to finally buy the very important stuff we were putting off. Mind you, we did not get our place ready until a month before the boys were born, so purchasing the big ticket items was kind of cutting it close to delivery day. We also procrastinated on making the big purchases mainly due to finances (baby shit is expensive!) and also because I didn’t want large boxes of stuff in the way while we were clearing out our place (baby gear does come in unnecessarily gargantuan packaging).

As well, since our place was rather small, the powers of the Internet suggested any items purchased should be for “travel”. That way, the stuff could be folded and put away if not needed. That was a great tip!!

G and I agreed that we’ll  have the big ticket items ready in time for the birth, and just buy things as we needed when the time is suitable. So we didn’t need high chairs until they were at least 5 months…we were in the clear for any major purchase for a good while 🙂

This is what we had ready prior to August 2015 (their birth month):

Bassinets: After doing a Pinterest search on “apartment living with babies”, I’ve discovered mini cribs. Ideally, I would have loved to get 2 of the Alma Mini Bloom, but again without sounding like a broken record, budget was important. We ended up getting 2 of the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleepers. We had to get these at a specialty baby store. I think these are now unavailable in Canada for some reason, but they were still sold in the US. Luckily the specialty  baby store had 2 in stock, so we snapped them up. The boys were both tiny so they shared a mini crib for a few weeks. We had one of the mini cribs in our bedroom attached to our bed and the other in the living room. Again, with the greatest tip of purchasing items for “travel”, the co-sleepers folded up nicely

Compacted bassinets going home 🙂


Co-Sleeper bassinet attached to our bed. The other one was in our living room (no picture of how we set it up in the living room, sorry!)
Bassinets in action. They were so tiny they shared one. Aww my swaddled boos. They were a week old here.


  • Car Seats: To fit our budget, we got the Graco Snugride. I think this is also discontinued now. No frills really. I knew they were going to be tiny so we needed something to fit them for at least 6 months.  Unfortunately, we ended up getting these replaced when they were 5 months old because we got rear-ended. Apparently, I learned that if car seats were involved in any accident (the theory is that an accident may compromise the integrity of the safeness of the car seat), they would have to be replaced. Thankfully insurance covers that! So now, these car seats were repurposed as living room loungers for the boys who are now toddlers!

    We did not know the sex of the babies so we got these gender neutral ones. Rocky ended up with the one on the left and Axl the one on the right.
  • Last but not least, the Double Stroller: I usually didn’t care for advice while pregnant, especially unsolicited ones. But the one thing my cousin recommended to me was to get a nice stroller. And by nice, he meant spend the money and get one that will last and with wheels that are like all terrain tires, not plastic. He was so right! This is one thing we did not want to cheap out on. When I did my research, I thought aesthetically that I would want the front and back stroller, as opposed to side-by-side. I was so conscious of how I would navigate crowds for those days I wanted to get out. Thankfully I did not haphazardly order one online, so I decided to test it out at a different specialty baby store across the city. We ended up getting a side-by-side, the StrollAir My Duo in Red. I’m so glad we did because not only does it fit standard doorways, it was so much smoother and easier to navigate, and can be configured in a number of ways: Either to have the car seats carriers on (with the proper attachments), to have the babies rear-face with the actual stroller seats, forward face, or one rear facing one forward facing.  Although it took up my entire trunk space (in both my old and new car), this double stroller was well worth it. The boys are 17 months now and we still use it.
    Freshly put together at my in-laws place
    So awesome!
    In action: Strolling around the hospital to get to their follow up appointments

    In action: Stroller with the infant carriers. This only lasted for 3 months before I attached back the red seats
Rear face mode with the stroller seats. They look so snuggly
Rear face mode with the stroller seats. Waiting patiently for the elevator
Then finally forward facing them when they were 10 months. They loved it!


That was all the big ticket items before they were born. Although we saved quite a bit of money for these things, we were fortunate to have very supportive parents to help cover some costs. Over time, we ended up buying the things we needed when the time was suitable. Looking back, I felt that buying as needed was the best thing we did for our finances. I could not fathom having everything all at once, and it worked out nicely not only for our finances, but the events that happened after the boys were born.

Til next post!



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