So if you’re new to my posts, I’ve mentioned previously that the hubs and I only prepared for the bare necessities, and did absolutely no preparations on the smaller things. Well luckily Amazon Prime was my absolute very best friend the first few months, especially while dividing our time living between both sets of parents.

Note: Post is not sponsored. Everything was bought with my own hard working serious coin. As well, with the generosity of family and friends, I will note what was gifted to us.

One handed, oh yea!

These are what helped me get through those challenging feeding times:

  • Medela Pump In Style double electric breast pump. Luckily we received this as a gift from my inlaws because this was no joke expensive.
  • A  hands free breast pump bra. Self explanatory. Definitely helped out so much because I got super bored just standing there with both my hands on the pump shields held against my boobs. Like what was I supposed to do if it took me 15 mins to produce an ounce?
    Here is the handsfree bra in action, multitasking at its finest. I was on my way home from the gym one time. Knowing that the drive will only be 15 mins, I decided to pump and drive. The Medela was running on battery and I set up while I was parked at the gym and then I drove off. When I arrived home, I parked, then unhooked myself. Every minute of the day counts!


  • Smaller stuff:
    • Breast pump extras, compatible with the pump I have, because what Medela gives you is not enough and I didn’t want to keep washing every damn thing
    • Breast pump bags to freeze. Got the bags as a gift from my cousin from our baby shower 🙂
    • Microwave Sterilizer bags; much easier to travel with
    • Bottles. We first bought Gerber bottles in a panic (we were not prepared to bottle feed so this was the first thing G bought when we just got home from the hospital. Great bottles btw!). Then since I felt tired of washing 3 bottles, I went ahead and bought Dr Browns due to positive reviews. In retrospect, I wish I didn’t buy Dr Browns. Just way too many parts to wash…and the boys still had a bit of gas and colic so I felt it wasn’t worth it.
    • Bottle brushes
  • MIXIE BOTTLES. Now, I’m just gonna take a second here and rave about this product. I was curious and thought “there has to be an invention that makes it easy to mix formula in public with using just one hand”. So I went on google and luckily came across the Mixie. I first bought two 6oz  bottles. I loved it so much I bought another two 4oz bottles. Yes it has so many parts and is a bitch to clean. However, whenever I was on the go and needed to give the boys a freshly mixed formula bottle, this was so handy to have. Just push the bottom and the little chamber releases the powder formula into the water and just shake. FUCKING GENIUS.
  • I would never have thought to buy a bottle warmer and actual sterilizer, but G’s cousins gifted them to us so that was awesome to have. Definitely made use out of these:
  • Twin breastfeeding pillow. I really really wanted to get the Twin Z Nursing Pillow, but I could not justify the cost and the shipping to Canada. My mom, being the most creative person made me a similar one out of leftover PermaFoam mattress she had lying around. I  wish I had a picture of it, but she pretty much carved the mattress into a big letter “E”. It was so comfortable and I found tandem breastfeeding that much easier. God bless you mom.

And that’s pretty much it!

Shy Rocky

How many of you can feed 2 babies with one hand and then selfie? 😉

double feeding in one hand, and selfie-ing with the other


Til Next Post!