I made it to my 10th post! Yayy!!! I know I’ve finished my Pregnancy Series of blogs, but I do plan to have newer content coming up in this blogspace. Just wanted to update everyone that I’ll be doing my best to update regularly. The plan was once a week, however in the last month(s), life got in the way, so I had to set my priorities accordingly. So I’ve picked Sundays as days I will post content. And if I have time, Wednesdays.

Anyway, we took family Christmas photos, and this is the first place where I’m releasing some of them, before I post to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, snail mail to family members. It was funny. The boys only lasted 20 minutes. When we arrived at the studio, the photographer and team asked how many outfit changes we were making. G and I were like,”one…we are using what we are wearing right now!”

We paid for an hour since it was the smallest package. I already knew that there was no way the boys would have the patience for photos, let alone outfit changes. Oh dear. Here we go…

Well, they did their best!




I have never been more excited for the holidays. Last year was practically written off. The boys were only 3.5 months and we were living like gypsies between my parents during the week and my inlaws on weekends. They live about an hour away from each other, on either side of the GTA. I’ll explain later why we sold our condo and lived like gypsies for the first 4 months of the boys’ lives before settling into our own place again.

Hope everyone’s holiday planning is going well. Try not to stress! I know we won’t 🙂

Til next post!