August 26/27, 2015 has arrived. This is going to be another of my usual long posts. What was supposed to be a day of relaxation at a spa with a fellow preggo friend, turned into the day los bebes wanted to make their debut earthside…or at least one of them wanted to haha.

By the time I was about 32 weeks, I felt like the delivery was going to be any day now. I did not want to prepare too much, not only because I just wanted to nest out and binge watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix at home, but I physically couldn’t even put a hospital bag together without help. And with G at work full time, that made it all more challenging.

A few days before delivery, I felt like my body wanted to cleanse itself. Nothing uncomfortable. Then the day before felt like I was constipated (not sorry for the TMI by the way). August 25, 2015 felt like a usual errand running day. G took a half day to take me to the doctor for a checkup. Everything turned out normal. Was advised to get prune juice and Tucks pads to help with constipation and problem areas.  After our appointment, we went to our usual spot for congee because I wanted something easy to digest. Thereafter, we picked up the stuff my doctor told me to buy at the Superstore nearby. Then went home, watched a Jays game, got ready for bed and went to sleep at about 10:30pm…


August 26, 2015:

1am: Woke up to pee as usual…but then felt some tightness. Went back to bed once tightness went away. 

1:45am:  Okay that’s definitely not tightness, but light cramping. This can’t be contractions. I’ll lie back down and maybe it’ll go away.

2:20am: Umm wtf was that kids? are you kickboxing? Picks up peppermint oil, rubs it on tummy…ahh some relief

2:45am: G, I couldn’t sleep since 1…this might be it…I think it’s happening…” Goes to the bathroom again. Nothing unusual. Just went to pee. Okay cramping again..

3am: All this on and off pains…Yup it’s happening. Whips out notebook and logs down contraction times. At this point every 15-30 minutes. Ohhhh fuuuuckin ehhhh….*grabs towel rack and door knob then kneel on the bathroom floor*

3am-5am: Contractions still 15-30 minutes apart…omg these fucking hurt…G wakes up and helps me pack a bag. Texts fellow preggo friend to cancel the spa today. We don’t pack much since we are only a 10 minute drive to the hospital…

5am: Makes our way to the triage at Sunnybrook Hospital. Oh hey great parking spot! Feeling a bit relieved we made it to the hospital. Text my parents

5:15am-7:10am: Waiting in triage, belly gets hooked up with monitors, contractions still every 15-30 mins. Water isn’t broken. Dear hubby getting me ice water every moment I needed.

7:15am: Triage doctor and nurse come in. Perform a “pelvic sweep”…WTF?!?!?! was that?!?!? I swear that hurt more than the contractions itself!!!! I swear I bawled to hard.

7:30am:  Hi Joan. We will have to send you home. You’re not dilated enough and the time between contractions are not close to have you stay. But you can come back once it gets stronger and more frequent and closer in time, like 5-10 minutes.” WTF?!?! You’re sending me home…noooo…why?!?! I’m in so much pain. This. Fucking. Sucks. G helps me up, then packs stuff and heads out…

7:40am: Sees my mom and dad outside the triage. We all contemplate whether to leave the hospital or stay. 

8:15am: Ends up going home and mom tags along. Breathing so hard and pausing wherever I am with every contraction, even if it meant kneeling by the pay parking machine.

8:30am: Arrives home. Mom takes over the “contraction log” with start and stop times. God bless her!


img_20151224_075911 img_20151224_075919

8:30am-11:30am: How am I even dealing with the contractions right now?!?! I can’t even nap nor eat. Oh yea, crawling and grabbing my pillow like I want to maul it. No exaggeration. Tried to watch some morning talk shows, but not helping me get my mind away from the pain. AGAIN, still better than nausea.

11:30am: “G, Mom…I can’t do this anymore. I need to go to the hospital now” Mom-“Okay Joan. Do you want to take a shower first? Just so you might not be able to for a while” Me-“Okay maybe that would ease my contractions”. Nope. In fact, shower while having contractions made the pain worse for me. But I did not want to smell like ass. I did manage to draw in my eyebrows and curl my lashes. Whenever I do the no-makeup look, I have to make sure I definitely do my brows…always brows.

12:45pm: Yes it took me almost an hour to get ready and really pack a bag. Back to the hospital we go. No time to find a parking spot. Valet it is!

1:00pm: Hanging out at triage yet again. G gets me water and apple juice every so often. Waiting and waiting with contractions getting super strong and more frequent. About 5 mins apart.

2:00pm: It’s been an hour. Might as well text friends my progress and take a selfie…

Triage Selfie. In between contractions of course

2:30pm: “Hi Joan. It’s too early for you to get an epidural, but we can give you some morphine to take the edge off and Gravol.” YES gimme the damn drugs!!!! Anything!

2:30pm to 7pm: Dear lordy. Spent approximately 6 hours in the triage. So grateful for my hubby to be by my side helping me. Contractions were still strong even with morphine and gravol, so I couldn’t even nap. Sometime between this time frame, I had another one of those dreaded pelvic sweeps. I wanted to scream and kick the doctor.

7:00pm: OB comes in to do a pelvic sweep again. This had to be my third one, wth. I wanted to scream and kick the OB. “Okay Joan, you’re 4cm. We’ll have you in a room soon.”

7:30pm: Finally in a room. Met my two wonderful delivery nurses Heidi and Katherine. (Side note: this is my first time staying in a hospital. Luckily I have never had to up until this point in my life. So getting IV’d for the first time was kind of nerve wracking.) First attempt at inserting the IV failed on the back hand of my left hand. OUCH. Second attempt was on my right wrist. No fail, but had to keep reminding myself I have a needle stuck in me and it’ll be there for a while. NO SUDDEN MOVEMENTS JOAN. 

“Joan, the anesthesiologist will come by at 8 to give you your epidural” OK GREAT!

8:00pm:  “Joan, still waiting on the anesthesiologist.”

Patiently waiting for the epidural…
Failed first IV attempt. Ouchie.

8:30pm: “The anesthesiologist is still finishing up with another patient”. OK. I couldn’t have G starve thinking it would maybe take another 30 mins, so he met with dad in the hospital cafeteria for dinner. My dear dad brought Filipino food for G and Mom. So sweet.

8:40pm: Anesthesiologist and team arrive. Shit, G just missed him by a few minutes. I wish G was here, but luckily mom was in the room with me. Everyone gets scrubbed up, including mom. She holds my hand through it all. Procedure went smooth, the anesthesiologist and nurses guided me with what was going on. Then told me about this sweet green button to press in case the pain comes back. 

***Epidural was recommended for multiples pregnancy. Just in case there was complications with delivering the second baby. Also for multiples pregnancy, I had to deliver in the operating room just in case there had to be a C-Section. Thus the reason why I chose to not have a birth plan. I wanted to be flexible and I knew I didn’t want to be a hero.  I made it this far in my pregnancy and of course I agreed to it. At this point Baby A was head down, and Baby B was breach (feet down). Yin Yang Twins represent!*** 

9:00pm: My teeth start chattering. Wow, I’m so c-c-cold all of a s-s-s-sudden. Wow, that was a contraction? I didn’t even feel the pain. But the babies are definitely dancing! haha

9:30pm: Okay time to doze off to la la land while G catches a nap and mom knits something…

my dear mama ❤
Me and hubs. Reflecting our life together and for what’s to come right before we become a squad. It was intentionally dark in the labour room so I could relax and nap.

9:30pm to 2:00am AUGUST 27, 2015: Nurses come in every half hour since Baby B kept moving, so it was hard to track the heartbeat. I couldn’t really sleep, but I wasn’t too worried. I already knew at least one of them babies would be a punk haha. Or perhaps wasn’t ready to be born yet, unlike Baby A. Which is probably why Baby B was feet first! Ah perspective. 

2:15am: I press that sweet green button to up my epidural. OB arrives and performs a pelvic sweep. Yes this was #4, but I couldn’t feel it!! Yay epidural!! “Okay she’s 10cm. Let’s break her water and then bring her to the OR.” I was always told I was only allowed to have one person in the OR with me. I’m so happy they let my mom in too. Such a special moment for her and also to capture some photos for me and G. 

2:30am: Gets wheeled into the OR. It’s SHOWTIME.

2:45am: Operating Room looks like a dream. Full of lights. There had to be a total of 10 other people in the room (nurses, obstetricians, doctors, anesthesiologist, I think also respiratory therapists, etc).  Lots of “Hi Joan, I’m so and so, and I will be your so and so…” Very awesome. It does take a village!!

Birthing Crew. Thanks Mom for the photo
Supportive husband

3:00am: All strapped in and waiting for them to tell me to push. Then they had to get the forceps ready in place…

3:35am: “Joan, are you ready?” Yes. “Okay…can you hold your breath in….and now….push, push, push…again…breath in…… push, push, push, push, push…….again…breath in… push, push, push, push, push….okay do you want to break or keep going?”I’ll KEEP GOING (I have to credit and thank my CrossFit training for prepping me for all this breathing and pushing. It felt so smooth) “Okay, push, push, pu…”

Hello World! -Rocky

3:41am: It’s a boy! We welcome Rocky into this world. Who could not wait to be born 🙂

3:42am: “Okay Joan, we’ll now break your other water. Then, I’ll be reaching in and pulling Baby B out legs first” …ummm okay? I didn’t think that was possible. I also forgot I had another water haha. But to avoid C-Section, why the heck not! THANK YOU EPIDURAL!! “Here we go Joan. Breathe in…and now….push, push, push, push, push…again…push, push, push, push, push…okay to go one more? okay! breath in and push, push, push…”

No pictures please -Axl

3:45am: Another boy! We welcome Axl into this world. Legs first and all hehe.

3:47am: “Great job Joan! Just letting you know, we had to do an episiotomy of about a 1cm, so you’ll be stitched up.” I couldn’t feel a thing while this was done. Win!


The next few moments were a blur. At 35 weeks and 4 days pregnant, I delivered my healthy fraternal twin boys without surgery. We spent an extra 4 days in the hospital since their sugars were out of whack and figuring out breastfeeding (which I will be discussing in an entirely new post), but happy we got to go home sooner than we thought. All the pain and discomfort is now a distant memory.

We did it babe! Our wolf pack is here!



Til next post!