Oh yes, third trimester…

I want to say this happened some time near end of June 2015 until my delivery last week of August 2015 (26 weeks to 35 weeks). It felt very fast and thankfully, the last trimester did not feel like it was dragging…

After our trip to Boston (from here), I started to feel the babies move more frequently. It would happen when I would be in a rest position (sleeping, watching TV, sitting at work, in traffic). It was surreal. It felt like aliens. It was both magical and weird. All I  wanted to ask my belly is “what are you to kiddos doing down there?”. It wasn’t necessary painful, it felt funny but beautiful. Of course because of this, my stomach felt like it shrank to the size of a grape. I was only able to keep just bites of food down, and if I was hungry, I ate every hour in small pieces. I had a weird craving for nectarines, so I’d have 2 a day. The babies were kicking my ribs, so I felt that the only things I can keep down and feel satisfied were drinks.

It was summer time, so it was important for me to keep hydrated. I wanted to avoid edema so I kept having iced water available and kept my feet raised if I was resting. Smoothies also kept me fueled.  Also, I could not turn down McDonald’s dollar iced coffees, so I had one of those a day. Ice water and iced coffees made the babies dance, it was hilarious.

Work wasn’t too busy, as the office has a bit of a break during the summer months. In retrospect, my pregnancy was timed right and in line with work, even though none of it was planned.

Doctor visits were again more often. Once a week I would be at the hospital for an ultrasound with my OB and a visit with my doctor. It felt reassuring to see the babies grow to their gestational age, hear the heartbeats, and hear from the pros that everything looked “normal”. I was surprised at how many ultrasound appointments I had, as I recall hearing from other people that they only had about 3. I had to start having G come along as it was getting harder for me to drive myself and my belly would now touch the wheel and my legs weren’t long enough to reach the pedals.

Funny looking tum tum at 31 weeks. Yass my feet can’t touch the pedals.

I was blowing up, fast! My stomach went from a cute round bump to a torpedo-Good Year blimp shape in a matter of weeks. I showed as early as 18 weeks, and people already looked surprised when I told them I was due. I looked like I was ready to pop when I was only 26 weeks haha.

26 Weeks already looking like a full term single


33 weeks. I assure you that’s not a basketball in there


34 weeks. Fire the torpedo!!

G and I also attended a one day workshop, specifically for parents of multiples, and a hospital tour. Mind you, we didn’t do any reading or any crazy preparations as I didn’t want to accidentally come across anything that I felt emotional about or scared about while the kiddos were in utero. I was still highly hormonal…or so my husband says. But this prep class put things into perspective and was both insightful and funny. I didn’t have a birth plan, because I didn’t want to stress out by having any expectations. I already knew that it won’t go as expected. The only request I had was for at least both G and my mom present at delivery. I was open to the idea that I may have to deliver via C-Section and that breastfeeding may not work out, so I tried not to stress. I figure by not stressing, it made every ordeal I’ve encountered much more simpler. I usually like to prepare for things, but  when we found out we were expecting twins, I decided to take things lightly and just carry on as I go. I know that it may not work out for everyone, but it did for me.

I didn’t care to have a baby shower, only because we got married not even a year prior and planning big parties were too much of a strain. However, my family wanted me to have a something just to celebrate, so I only registered for diapers, wipes and bathing necessities. Thankfully everything came in handy.

Once August hit, I knew delivery can happen any day. My belly dropped 3 weeks before delivery. I know it’s vain but made sure I went for a last hair appointment, nails appointment, eyelash extensions fill, etc. Only because I knew once babies were born, I would not be able to do any of those things for a loooooooong time. And when I did those appointments, oh man was that all uncomfortable just sitting still.

As for pain, I had some sciatica pain and neck aches. At 32 weeks, I started having carpal tunnel in my right hand. It was difficult to write or hold things with my strong hand. Edema also happened but thankfully only at my last week. And ewww chubby elephant feet…

Chub chub feet at 35 weeks, 3 days before delivery!

The pain and discomfort overall from pregnancy is now just a distant memory. Next thing I knew, in a blink of an eye, delivery day arrived.

Oh wow, almost there!