If you know me, you know I can’t pass up a trip, even if it’s kind of local and only a for a few days. Don’t get me wrong, I love where I live, but sometimes I do need a break from the usual routine and environment.

Going back, G and I got married 2 years ago and didn’t do anything extravagant for our honeymoon. We did all the dream traveling pre-married life, and once we got married we figured, we don’t need to do the typical honeymoon. Also, we couldn’t afford to anyway haha. But! we did go on a spontaneous road trip to Montreal. It was decided the day before we drove the 6 hours that we had nothing to do that weekend. So we packed up for 2 days, got a hold of an Airbnb loft in Old Montreal and just enjoyed everything about it.

Fast forward to a few months later to June 2015, as much as pregnancy was starting to feel physically painful, I needed to go somewhere. I needed to do SOMETHING. However, traveling when preggo with twins (and I’m sure also with a singleton), did come with risks. So we decided to road trip to Boston since I love it there (food, vibe, activities, etc!) and G’s never been. By the way, I love how G and I are during road trips. We never argue, even during traffic. It’s that much fun. So blessed.

Although the trip to Boston was planned a few weeks before, I spoke with my doctor the day before we left to see if it’s recommended, even though I already knew we were going, NO MATTER WHAT. She looked very disappointed and proceeded to “lecture” me. It went something along the lines of: “Joan, first off, Boston is great. Amazing city, excellent medical care. But, do you really NEED to go? At 24 weeks, you are already at risk for pre-term labour. Okay you guys are driving the 10 hours? What will you do if something happens mid-trip along the I-90, and you’re not near a hospital? Also, do you have travel insurance? Okay, do you have travel insurance for your unborn BABIES? Because if they are born, while you’re outside Ontario, you are looking at $15,000 USD per day per baby. And if you run the risk of giving birth that early, your babies will be in the hospital for weeks/months. Have you heard of the million dollar baby that was born premature while a Canadian couple was in Hawaii for their babymoon? If you do go, have fun. But remember what I said“…

So I checked. There is no such travel insurance that covers unborn babies. I didn’t know about it. I’ve always seen preggos even do air travel  once they passed the 13 weeks. I tried not to take what my doctor said to heart, so I promised myself and G that on the trip, to not worry about rushing to places or do any sightseeing or any scheduled activities, except for the Blue Jays game against Red Sox at Fenway on June 12, 2015. So off we went…

  • June 11, 2015: Packed up the Libby (aka Jeep Liberty. God I miss that car!) Drove out from Toronto at 1:00am. Arrived Boston at 2:00pm. It took a little longer due to frequent pee stops, stops for food, some window shopping at Lee Premium Outlets in Lee, MA and traffic.
    • Once we arrived at the Doubletree near Tufts Medical Centre, took a nice nap. Around 5pm we went for a leisurely walk towards Boston Common.
    • At Boston Common, we came across a JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge. Tons of participants, but was nice to take in the busyness of the park. Weather was also amazing.
    • Walked toward City Hall to take in the sights
    • Had dinner at Union Oyster House. Of course I couldn’t have any oysters so I settled with a lobster grilled cheese.
    • Walked back to the hotel via Washington Street. Started to feel my stomach tightening during the walk for some reason. Luckily I made it back and gave myself a nice foot soak and bath.
  • June 12, 2015: Eventful day
    • Made our way to Boston Common again.
    • Early lunch at Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall. Then made our way to Back Bay
    • Hung out at Back Bay (Walking along Beacon St, Newbury, Boylston).
    • Subwayed from Copley Station to Haymarket Station
    • Had a pre dinner at a tavern along Salem St. while waiting for our reservation at Neptune Oyster.
    • Early dinner at Neptune Oyster. My second time here and still well worth the 2 hour wait, even though I couldn’t eat oysters so I settled for jumbo cocktail shrimp and a lobster roll with a salad (all cooked!)
    • Subwayed back to the hotel and rested before the Jays game
      • Arrived late to the game, around bottom of the 3rd inning. At this point we were losing big time (8-0), and told G that if it was okay we didn’t stay the entire game. Especially being preggo and usually getting super tired at about 9pm every night.
      • But we stayed the entire game since everything turned for the best in the 7th inning. 9 runs!!
      • We won 13-10
      • Although the Red Sox lost, the vibe around Fenway was still amazing. I’m so glad we got to experience a game at Fenway
    • Took about an hour to get back to the hotel via subway (Kenmore to Tufts). Still felt my stomach tightening on the way back so another bath was called to order



We won! 13-10
  • June 13, 2015: Last full day in Boston
    • Made our way to Harvard Square to take in the sights
    • Afterward, passed by Back bay to pick up some road snacks from Trader Joes
    • Rested at the hotel
    • Made our way to Long Wharf to have an early dinner at Legal Sea Foods (yum)
    • Hung out at Columbus Waterfront Park to relax after our dinner
    • Leisurely walked back to the hotel. Stomach was tightening again, but then felt the babies really kick for the first time 🙂 Another yet relaxing bath happened
  • June 14, 2015
    • Packed up then left for Toronto at 8:00am
    • Arrived back at 9:00pm

As soon as we reached the border at 7:30pm, I breathed in a sigh of relief. I made it back home, and vowing to never leave the country, nor province until babies are born and able to travel.

No pre-term labour at all during the trip 🙂 All that stomach tightening in the evenings had me worried for a bit but the babies were active and needed to make room. I love and miss that feeling. It was such a great trip as well. Our first family trip. I don’t even recall G and I getting short with each other the entire time. It was also the last road trip we went on with the Libby. Unfortunately, after the boys were born, the Libby was on its last legs and wasn’t really safe to bring our babies around. So we had to trade her in to make new memories with our new love Terry (GMC Terrain). Oh Libby, you served me well for 8 years, I miss you!

Til next post