My gosh it has been quite a while since I have last posted! I apologize so much for the lack of content lately. It has been a crazy summer and transition to fall. With that being said, given the lack of downtime I’ve allowed myself the last few months, I’ve decided to use that “free time” attempting to relax and take it all in.

Rocky and Axl aren’t babies anymore…they’re now 2 years old and finally thriving at daycare. Over the summer they’re finally one diaper size up (5), but not yet toilet trained. G and I decided to put them in daycare over the summer after their nanny moved back home across the pond (we miss her so much!!), but I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and with perfect timing. G and I weren’t ready to put them in daycare as most people do when their child turns 1 year old. I felt that it was too young for them to go, as they were not fully confident in their walking yet, and it was also super expensive. After an extensive part-time nanny search (since that was what we can afford at the time) we found our perfect nanny, who grew to be a friend to G and me. So from October 2016 to July 2017, the boys were in her care part time, and have grown a fondness to her. I am doing my best for them to remember her, by mentioning her in pictures and by the wonderful powers of FaceTime.

Sure thing, she gave us 4 months notice to figure something out, and it was then we decided to enroll the boys at a local daycare. We were confident that they were closer to 2 years old at the time and can hold their own in daycare (ie getting used to a busy environment with more kids their age). Long story short, the first month was tough, but after a few months, the boys stopped crying at drop off (hallelujah). They learned so much and are continuing to grow into their personalities.

Anyhow, I meant for this to be a short-ish post, and I think I’ve been rambling. I will do my best to elaborate more on their daycare situation, update when I can, and gather more content to share. Apart from my family and friends, work and study have are next in priorities. Yes study…after 3 years of taking a break because life happened, I’m back to continuing education. I am insane!!! Send help! and espresso…lots espresso.